About us

Our mission

Hainan is becoming the frontline of China’s integration into the global economic system, focusing on trade and investment liberalization as well as facilitation.

Our mission is to support Nordic ventures to successfully commercialize with a greater social impact in the Chinese market via Hainan. We provide financing, talent, office spaces, lab-technology and advanced services.

Hainan Free Trade Port

Free market for trade and investment

Free market of business operation and competition

A highly free and open transportation policy

Open policies for people to enter and exit and residency

Facilitation of cross-border investment and financing

All financial services for the real market economy, a multi-functional free trade account system, promoting the convenience of cross-border investment and financing

Convenient cross-border data transferring working-flow

Free Trade Port Law …

Special Taxation System, "Deregulation", Greater Empowerment Rule of law protection

Tax System Guarantee

A special tax system that is compatible with high-level free trade ports and has international competitiveness

Governance guarantees

Accelerating the transformation of government functions, breaking the constraints and obstacles of institutional mechanisms, comprehensively implementing the “minimal approval” system, strengthening post-event supervision, and establishing regulatory standards in line with international standards

Mechanism of administration and operational tasks: efficiency and effectively

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